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Opening Day

What a day here at the Realm. We went to sleep last night fearing an all-day rain-out.  What we got was 8 hours of sunshine, mixed with 25 minutes of heavy rain. As we checked in our last 2 boys, the skies opened for a 12-minute rainstorm. I thought to myself that 16 weeks ago, who would have thought this would be my biggest worry. Who would have thought that for the 93rd consecutive summer, kids would arrive at the CRH to escape the outside world. What started as a concept to get children away from cities in the summer surrounded by mountains and fresh air has become a great option for escaping the global pandemic. It was so powerful to see everyone enter the Realm today with a smile. Each car full of people reminded me why we fought so hard to open.
Watching your children tonight at dinner in tents on the quad in front of the dining hall was life the way it should be. They were all smiling, laughing and enjoying life.  The laughter made us all forget the troubles in the outside world. As usual, CRH is the perfect medicine for everyone.
After I said good night to everyone and walked back to house, it hit me that each one of you is our partner in the most important summer in generations. What we will accomplish together with the best staff ever assembled will be talked about for years. Just as alumni tell me how they remember watching the APOLLO moon landing in 1969 huddled around a small TV in the dinning hall, so will each one of us remember the opportunity given to us this summer.  I will never forget the trust you have shown in us and will work like crazy to give you all the break each one of you deserves.
This is the first of many nightly Woodchucks of the summer. Thanks again for sharing your kids with us and reach out to me with any and all questions.
Sweet dreams from the Realm,

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