Final Year at Camp: Saxon Summer

Hi! My name is Henry Rodin. I am a Saxon and I’m currently in my 8th summer at camp. This summer, my group’s last as campers, has held many surprises and privileges not bestowed on previous Saxon groups, from frequent nights at Woody’s cottage watching Black Mirror with the Scribes to a fridge in our bunk to our impending trip to Canada for our excursion. These events, coupled with the added respect and freedom associated with Saxon year, have made this summer my favorites out of my right I’ve spent here so far.

Another reason I’ve enjoyed this summer so much is aiding four younger groups. Previous Saxons have aided in the afternoon; we, however, have been aiding in the mornings, giving us more time with our group mates. I’ve mainly aided for the youngest campers, and the bonds I’ve made with many kids have only added to the already high likelihood of my return as a staff member next summer. To help give kids an experience that I look back on so fondly is an opportunity I’m extremely grateful to have.

To that point, I’d say the main reason behind my love for camp would have to be the people. Sure, there might be magic in the trees, but their magic is lost without people to surround them. I’ve made lifelong friendships with people as young as 10 and as old as 75 here, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I hope to strengthen these bonds as well as forge new ones over the course of this summer and for many more to come.

Sweet Dreams from The Realm

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