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Meet The Brass at Camp Robin Hood – Michelle Brockmann

Since the 1940’s, Camp Robin Hood has been owned and directed by former campers. We are proud to continue that nearly 90-year tradition. With more than 150 combined summers at camp our Leadership Team, affectionately called “The Brass” by campers, staff, and alumni, understands the unique responsibility of preserving the Robin Hood experience.

In this series of blogs, you’ll meet each member of The Brass as they share some of their favorite memories of summers in the Realm. Up first is Michelle Brockmann, Assistant Director at Camp Robin Hood and one of the many camp moms in the Realm who are available to make every camper feel at home each summer.

  • Name: Michelle Brockmann

  • Camp Nickname: Camp Mom
  • Years at Camp Robin Hood: I just completed my 29th summer in 2018
  • Position at Robin Hood: I am an assistant director at camp – I help in all areas including staff training, staff support, camper well being, logistics of transportation and money, whatever needs attending to really.

  • What’s Your Favorite Camp MemoryI have so many favorite memories – the day I met Jeremy (my now husband) when I interviewed for the waterski position, our wedding day at camp, so many occasions when I saw my children try new things, make new friends, achieve new goals. So hard to pick!
  • Favorite place in the Realm: My favorite place in camp is the waterski area – love looking at the lake from the dock.

    “We are always here for each other, we are a family, we are home.” –Michelle

  • Favorite Camp Song, Quote or Food: The welcome song. We sing it to guests who visit during a meal. “Come around any old time and make yourself at home” is the first line. I like the message that sends – we are always here for each other, we are a family, we are home.

  • What does magic in the trees mean to you: The magic in the trees – to me that signifies the opportunity to create magic in a special place with great people. After many years of coming to camp I have realized that although the physical campus is beautiful, it is the people who make it magical. All of us – campers and staff alike – come with the same common goals of making friends and trying all kinds of new things while feeling safe and supported in our efforts. So we, the inhabitants of the realm in the past and of the present,  are really the magic in the trees
  • Advice to young campers: Don‘t be afraid to be yourself here. It is safe to be yourself here. Home life is different from camp life, home friends are different from camp friends. Try new activities here and discover new talents here.

Finally, I would like to add something that I am very proud of…our girls camp. When I first arrived here it was in its infancy – it had begun three years earlier. There were about 30 girls at that time. I have watched it grow into the fabulous program that it is today. I remember adding age groups and picking the group names over the years as our population grew and eventually our numbers caught up to the boys camp numbers… and surpassed them!

I adore watching these little girls become confident women. They are a constant source of joy in my life. I have seen so many of them transition from camper to counselor to color war captain to getting married and having young campers of their own. I am blessed to have been a witness to their journeys and to call them my friends. I am humbled by the friendships that camp has afforded me and I am eternally grateful to John and Joan Klein for hiring me and making me part of their camp family.

About Camp Robin Hood’s Girls Camp – In 1980, then owner and director John Klein and his wife Joan decided to add what is now the biggest part of our camp family and legacy – Girls Camp, making Camp Robin Hood the brother/sister camp we know today.

You can learn more about The Brass, the leadership team at Camp Robin Hood, here. If you’d like to learn more about summers in The Realm and enrolling your child contact us today!