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Handling Head Lice

Lice continue to be a major nuisance in overnight camps. In an attempt to deal with this extremely time-consuming and irritating infestation, Camp Robin Hood has tried everything from Cetaphil to pesticides requiring prescriptions, from over-the-counter concoctions to a Louse-Buster machine. None of these methods has been both safe and effective. We are therefore thrilled to announce that we have discovered a line of products that actually works! This summer Camp Robin Hood will be using the products of a company based in East Providence, RI called Bernadette’s Lice Removal Services.

Bernadette’s Absolute Clear products contain natural organic enzymes that kill the louse by destroying its exoskeleton and that make nit removal much easier by loosening the glue that attaches the egg to the hair shaft. Unlike other products that can have dangerous side effects and that are becoming increasingly ineffective, these products contain NO pesticides and they do the job…. safely and efficiently! The owner of Bernadette’s is a Nurse Practitioner and has extensively trained and educated our staff about how to treat and prevent lice infestations. While we will treat any camper who has lice, we ask that you consider pre-ordering Bernadette’s Clear Shampoo and Conditioner for your child to use during his or her stay with us. Using these products on a regular basis instead of ordinary shampoo and conditioner will help ensure that your child remains lice and nit free. We can provide these preventative products to you for a price of $26 for a 16 oz. bottle.

Working together, we can ensure that our young campers will have happy and itch-free memories of their stay at Camp! Please visit Bernadette’s Lice Removal Services web site at for more information about their products and services.