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Happy Valentine’s Day


Thanks to everyone who participated in our love survey. Below are the reasons so many of you love Camp Robin Hood. If you didn’t get a chance to tell us what you love about Camp Robin Hood, feel free to email Stacey and spread the CRH love!

What I love about Camp Robin Hood is…

“Witnessing a homesick camper on Day 1 and the same campsick camper on Day 49!” – Dick Roberts (Staff)

“I love the energy in the dining hall during mealtime…the chatter, laughter and of course, the dancing! I also love walking the bunks at night, hearing about everyone’s day, listening to the laughter and happiness, and saying goodnight (nothing beats 18 Tumblers yelling “Goodnight, Woody!”)” – Richard Woodstein (Staff)

“There is never a dull moment!” – Sarah Horen (Staff)

“Simply everything because of the all the memories that I have had since I was 7 years old and a TPJ at CRH.” – Hamad Al Mutawa (Staff)

“Everything. The staff, my friends, people who I haven’t met that are campers and the Realm. There is no place like home. Thanks for my summers D.C and Woody and I hope to complete my fifth this summer.” – Khalil Walker (Camper)

“New beginnings and amazing ends.” – James Weiss (Camper, Staff)

“The amazing campers who make camp a home, not a job. The brass who make newcomers feel welcome among those who have been there their whole lives and the magic in the trees that makes it all happen.” – Heather (Staff)

“Everything!” – Anonymous (Camper)

“What I love about Camp Robin Hood…oh gosh I miss the sunsets and the beautiful blue sky and the friendships I’ve made.” – Cody Robinson (Alumni)

“People and place!!!!!!” – Chuck (Staff)

“The friends, the fun and the magic in the trees.” – Shane Ward (Staff)

“The lasting friendships and traditions you wouldn’t get anywhere else ❤️❤️❤️” – Izzy & Vicky Lightman (Campers)

“The people.” – Tyler Adelman (Camper)

“Activities offered to the campers.” – Alison Altman (Alumni)

“The way you can’t explain how much you love it to anyone who has never been, but if they have you don’t need to!” – Emma (Alumni)

“All the friends you make and the environment. I love that everyone is nice to you and the meals. I love everything. I love Camp Robin Hood” – Carly Gimbel (Camper)

“The food…” – Zachary Zeller (Staff,Alumni)

“Everything including the people, the activities, and the opportunities.” – Anonymous (Camper)

“Everything” – Aude (Camper)

“EVERYTHING, duh!” – Eamonn Feeney (Staff)

“How everyone comes together throughout all difficulties and things in the day.” – Leah (Camper)

“My friends!” – Matt Longfield (Camper)

“The traditions and how everyone is so close, you spend the summer there and you stay there for a life time ❤️” – Shaina Fuente (Camper)

“Camp!” – Anonymous (Camper)

“Everything!” – Andrea (Camper)

“How I can pass on all the spirit and traditions I loved as a camper down to my own campers!” – Rebecca Lightman (Staff)

“The unique atmosphere and the friendships.” – Austen Boyce (Staff)

“The waterfront!! And the connections you make with the people and Robin Hood itself.” – Michaela Marshall (Staff)

“The escape from the fast paced reality outside of camp.” – Niall Mahon (Staff)

“Dance parties in the dining hall during meals!” – Nikki Zeller (Staff)

“Archers 2014!! (and pretty much everything else!)” – Alex Soul (Staff)

“The team.” – Sergio Ocampo (Parent)

“There’s magic in the trees.” – Anonymous (Staff)