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Magical Moments

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Life is made of magical moments.  The key is recognizing them.  For when you do – and pause and take it in – it smells fragrant, looks dazzling, sounds musical and is beyond delicious.

Our job as camp directors is to make sure your children are safe.  Happy.  Active.  Inspired to try new things.  Excited to make new friends, and strengthen existing bonds.  But just as important in our mission is to move our campers to take it in.  Breathe in the fragrant pine.  Cherish a pink-tainted, purple and red sunset.  Dance to the dining hall cheers.  Relish a rainy day for the mud offers a different kind of fun.    Our mission is to encourage that pause.  That quiet moment where you honor and celebrate the magical moments in life, and in the summers – in the Realm.

The buses pulled in as Chuck dropped his hand down, bringing them to a halt while conversely catalyzing the start of what will be Chuck’s 50th summer as Head Counselor.

Kids sprinted off from states including Illinois, Ohio, Florida, California, New York, Massachusetts,  …. And then the vans pulled in bringing children from – as Dick would say  -“across the pond.”  We have campers from England, Japan, Italy, Spain, France and Kuwait.   (Please forgive me if I have left any states or countries off the list!)

Friends reunited, new members of the Robin Hood family were welcomed.  Staff led everyone to their cabins, and our summer began.

Dinner was alive.  Yensi and his staff made a spectacular pasta feast, complete with an overflowing salad bar and moist, delectable fudge brownies for dessert.

With a perfect temperature and blue skies, groups engulfed every corner of camp in lively evening activities.  The sound of children sings through our trees once again. As tradition would have it, DC, Woody and the Brass will make their way through the bunks to sing the Robin Hood goodnight song and wish everyone a good night’s sleep.

And that, my friends, will be yet another magical moment for us…

With gratitude and warm greetings from The Realm.







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