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A Note from Chuck Illig


There are some of you who are reading this that knew Andy Friedman, founder of Robin Hood. It was his dream to run a boys camp and this is what he lived. We who knew him, worked for him or were his campers, are very lucky as he was that special person one admires and never forgets. But even those that didn’t get the opportunity to know him still are touched by him as your association with Robin Hood brings him to you, for he still lives on in its’ traditions.

We are fortunate that all directors since Andy have been deeply associated with camp and while physical structures may have changed over the years, Robin Hood the camp still lives on for all of us to enjoy. My association began in 1965 and it was after that first summer that I knew it was something I wanted to be part of for the rest of my life. What keeps me here?? – There are so many things, but most of all it is the strong friendships formed here each summer in a mere 7 weeks. My favorite part of each summer, beyond the first day of camp and the arrival of our campers, are the visits of alumni throughout the summer; many of which were campers! Parents Visiting Weekend, Green & White Judges and lots of alums in the area stopping by for a visit, the place they still love and had memories of a lifetime formed here. They all come walking through the bunks, browsing through yearbooks, sitting by the lake looking across at the White Mountains, and inhaling the smell of the pine trees they remember from their camper days; then perhaps joining us for a meal in our dining hall and having the welcome song sung to them. At this point in my Robin Hood career I have many sons and daughters of my former campers here. It is my privilege to look after them! I look forward to grandchildren of theirs coming and hopefully I’ll still be here, but for sure Robin Hood will be. “Come round any old time” and visit us!

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