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What’s New at Camp Robin Hood

With winter behind us, we are ready to spring into Summer 2015 with some new and exciting additions to The Realm. We have just ordered flowers and finished the bunk 9 and 10 bathroom and shower remodel.  The new girls bunk at the top of the hill overlooking the lake is breathtaking! All of this work will help keep this amazing place alive and while most things remain the same, we are excited about the changes that continue to improve the facilities and life in The are excited to announce that the old parking lot has been turned into a brand new quad for our campers to run, play, relax and create lasting memories in.  Remember the baseball field across the road?  The memories will always be there but we’ve turned that into a new lacrosse and football it’s not just bunks and grass we’re excited about… we’ve added 6 BRAND NEW KYPADS to the waterfront!  This cross between a kayak and a paddleboard has a seat and footwells and can be used either sitting OR standing.  This makes it safe and suitable for any child! We’ve also ordered SpikeBall for games in the quad or by the lodge.  Imagine Volleyball and 4 Square had a baby. That’s SpikeBall!blog-2015-new-games



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