Baseball Games, Road Races, and Secret Summer Sister

Yesterday after a morning of intensives we sent our oldest boys and girls groups to a Sanford Mainers baseball game in Sanford, Maine. As usual, the campers enjoyed your typical baseball food as well as some good baseball on a Sunday evening.

While those groups enjoyed evening baseball, camp held its first annual 3k road race before dinner. Around 40 kids and staff members participated and we had a raucous and supportive crowd at the finish line! Congratulations to Archer Colton Stratman for winning the race! Next week, we will be sending many campers to the surrounding town of North Conway to participate in a 5k road race titled Tunnel to Towers. The race was created to honor the life of Stephen Siller, a New York City firefighter who lost his life on September 11, 2001. The race happens to fall on Robin Hood Gives Back day as we will spend the day thinking about and reflecting upon what it means to give back and to live a life of charity.

Girls Camp held its annual Secret Summer Sister (SSS) campfire where every girl in girls camp, including staff, chooses another girls name out of a hat secretly and then has a week to give them notes or presents. Then, next campfire each girl reveals who they had as a Secret Summer Sister.

Goodnight from the realm!

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