Girls Basketball Tournament Day

Greetings from the Realm!

Shire Group Leader played head coach today at our 13 & under and 15 & under in-house basketball tournament against Forest Acres. The Shires and Bards teamed up  and the energy on and off the court was absolutely contagious! Following a spirited pump-up filled with music and smiles, the girls took to the court to bring home a 22-18 win! Every girls camp group was in the audience cheering for the team with signs and, of course, classic Robin Hood-styled cheers and chants. It was quite the morning!

The rest of the day was filled with awesome activities and out-of-camp excursions: Scouts and Tumblers took their swimming tests down at the waterfront, the Quills played intense rounds of Gaga, Squires and Archers rallied on the tennis courts… we sent out campers of all ages on an optional mountain hike on Rattlesnake, and our Yeomen and Lancers had a crazy fun trip to play knockerball!!

Evening activities included scavenger hunts, pontoon boat rides during a gorgeous sunset, pajama jumping, backward scavenger hunts, and challenges between different groups — it was a gorgeous and fun-filled night. After sunset, camp began to wind down as we all headed to our cabins; the stars appeared, the air chilled, and once again we geared up for another wonderful day in the Realm…

Sweet dreams from us all!
Julia Gilban-Cohen

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