Mock Green & White: A Taste of our Favorite Tradition

Good evening from the Realm! Beach Day is fast approaching and the energy level hasn’t missed a beat.

This morning our two youngest boys groups experienced a mock Green & White break as the boys woke up early, were divided into two teams, and played and participated in various activities to gain their team points. As is Green & White tradition, the teams were silent during breakfast and a few campers were able to participate in a cracker eating contest in front of the entire camp. The teams played a team sport for the first period and then during the second period the teams split up and designed a flag that displayed their team names. Finally, both teams yelled a cheer during lunch while a few campers participated in a spelling bee and trivia contest in front of camp. It was a wonderful way to give the campers a taste and preview of the real Green & White experience which is right around the corner!

In other news, the Shires spent the afternoon go-karting and playing mini golf at Whitelake Speedway while the Foresters played a different mini golf course. Great afternoon of hanging out with friends off camp!

Sweet Dreams from The Realm

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