A Note From the Athletic Department

Greetings from the athletic department!  We have had a great intercamp tournament schedule this summer with many of the usual boys activities that we both attended and hosted. We were lucky enough to win our own U13 flag football tourney beating our vaunted rivals West End twice!  We conclude the boys schedule next Monday as we host a U12 soccer and softball game.

One thing I promised to do after my first three years in the Realm was bolster our girls’ sports. We have hosted basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball this summer as well as visiting Camp Wicosuta for the first time. I am happy and proud to report that we went undefeated at home this summer. A first in CRH history!  What an accomplishment for our girls!  I am also proud to report a marked increase in private sports instruction at camp led by our incredible tennis staff of 4 former and present college tennis players. A remarkable time in the Realm for sports. I am happy to be a part of it. I have already, believe it or not, started working on next years schedule with a surprise “Spirit Day” with a local camp.

Of course our final athletic push will begin soon with our annual Green and White competition. When will it break?  My lips are sealed…

Sweet Dreams from the Realm.


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