First Day of Second Session

Today was the first day of the second session and our newest campers participated in a host of activities. Most of our campers passed the swim test and began enjoying time at our waterfront. After passing the test they can start doing things like sailing, canoeing, waterskiing and boating. We also witnessed a great kickball clinic today where the youngest girls group – the scouts – learned the rules of kickball. Apparently you can’t have two people on first base at the same time – who knew? Our oldest girls group participated in a game of blind newcomb where they put towels over the net to block the sight of the opponent. It offered a new perspective on an old classic. The boys were busy today too – lots of softball, a little soccer, and a whole lot of ultimate frisbee.

In other news our Saxons and Scribes left at 7:30 this morning on a coach bus for Montreal, Canada. They were very excited as they pulled down the driveway – Bon Voyage! Today they will be touring the Basilica of Notre Dame, touring the Old Quarter, eating on the river and ending the night on the giant Ferris Wheel. Our Bards and Friars left today for western Massachusetts. Today they saw the Basketball Hall of of Fame and they will be heading to Six Flags amusement park tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates…hope you all had a day too!

Sweet dreams from the Realm

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