Awards Night

Greetings from the Realm!

It was a beautiful last day in the Realm as all groups engaged in fun activities underneath gorgeous weather. For our final night we gathered in the barn to give awards for excellence in our specialty areas around camp. In addition all camp big awards were given out to certain boys and girls who demonstrate the qualities we view as representative of the Robin Hood values we hold dear.

Girls Camp:

Service: Jessie Zweifler and Caroline Press

Sportsmanship: Ruby Eisler and Mia Bloom

Fellowship: Perin Romano

Master Camper: Maggie Shanahan

Boys Camp:

Service: Cooper Strauss and Sam Rosenthal

Sportsmanship: Jake Baumoel and Noah Ratner

Fellowship: Angelo Casabianca

Master Camper: Jesse Schumann

Thank you for your loyal readership! 


The Woodchuck Staff

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