Saxon Speeches

Last night we witnessed the tradition of our oldest boys, the Saxons, making speeches in front of Boys’ Camp. They talk about their journey through Robin Hood, and offer thanks to those who have impacted that journey.
It was gratifying to hear that, although there have been some hurdles along the way, they have used these challenges to establish the obvious bond that exists as they close out their final summer as campers.
It is also clear that some of these boys have experienced stresses and traumas away from camp, and that our wonderful safe haven has allowed them to escape, breathe and heal each summer, and thus return home stronger.
I have had the privilege of watching the Saxons’ journey through the past few summers. Now and again I have had to help steer the ship through rough waters, but when calmer seas were reached, they have taken control again, and forged themselves into a formidable unit. The love and trust they have for and in each other is admirable, and I know they will become invaluable counselors in the years to come.
The speeches are a sign that the summer is coming to a close, and soon we will spread ourselves far and wide on our journeys home. Although parting is always sad, we will celebrate being a part of something so special: a wonderful place with amazing people, where the people AND the place make the magic.
Sweet dreams from The Realm.

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