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Parents Visiting Day 2019 Recap

Hello from Camp Robin Hood!

Firstly we’d like to thank you for stopping by our summer home this past weekend for an awesome parents visiting day.

It’s hard to believe we’ve officially hit the end of our first month at Robin Hood. Today was bittersweet as we watched several campers leave with happy smiles eager to return next summer. With the departure of those campers many more arrived. Those campers that got here today were greeted with large hugs from their group mates and the infectious energy that Camp Robin Hood welcomes all campers with.

Here at the Realm we are all getting very excited as Green and White approaches. The cheers in the dining hall are growing louder and louder and the anticipation is reaching its peak. Before it can begin our oldest groups are leaving on excursions to Boston and Canada for a great adventure and experience. Other groups will set out on excursion adventures as the week goes on.

Sweet Dreams from The Realm

Final Year at Camp: Saxon Summer

Hi! My name is Henry Rodin. I am a Saxon and I’m currently in my 8th summer at camp. This summer, my group’s last as campers, has held many surprises and privileges not bestowed on previous Saxon groups, from frequent nights at Woody’s cottage watching Black Mirror with the Scribes to a fridge in our bunk to our impending trip to Canada for our excursion. These events, coupled with the added respect and freedom associated with Saxon year, have made this summer my favorites out of my right I’ve spent here so far.

Another reason I’ve enjoyed this summer so much is aiding four younger groups. Previous Saxons have aided in the afternoon; we, however, have been aiding in the mornings, giving us more time with our group mates. I’ve mainly aided for the youngest campers, and the bonds I’ve made with many kids have only added to the already high likelihood of my return as a staff member next summer. To help give kids an experience that I look back on so fondly is an opportunity I’m extremely grateful to have.

To that point, I’d say the main reason behind my love for camp would have to be the people. Sure, there might be magic in the trees, but their magic is lost without people to surround them. I’ve made lifelong friendships with people as young as 10 and as old as 75 here, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I hope to strengthen these bonds as well as forge new ones over the course of this summer and for many more to come.

Sweet Dreams from The Realm

Updates from Summer 2019: Pre-Visiting Day

Today was another exciting day in the realm. The Archer and Bow groups continued with their excursions while back at Camp, Robin Hood hosted our annual 13U flag football tournament. I am thrilled to announce that Camp Robin Hood came out victorious! In the first game against Indian Acres, Robin Hood jumped out to a 16-0 lead after two quick touchdowns. We ultimately beat them and after winning an exciting game against West End, on a game-winning touchdown, Robin Hood was officially in the championship game against West End. The final was a hard-fought but after a game-clinching two-point conversion by Noah Ratner, Robin Hood was victorious.

We battled some on and off rain today but we never let that get us down. Campers played field sports and are putting finishing touches on art project in preparation for Parents Visiting Day.

Tonight there were some exciting evening activities with the Scouts enjoying a slip and slide and a handful of groups playing a rousing game of camper hunt. Other groups were putting in some last minute dance practice in preparation for Friday nights performances. We hope you will all join us this weekend for Parents Visiting Day.

Sweet Dreams from The Realm

An Update On Girls’ Camp & Sports at Robin Hood

What a great day here at camp. I can feel the excitement as Parent’s Visiting Day is right around the corner. All of junior camp was out on excursions today enjoying perfect weather.

I had many goals in the off-season preparing for my first summer as sole director. Getting more competition for our girls with other camps was very high on that list. As we close our athletic session with our 13U football tournament tomorrow – I can say with great pride that our girls went undefeated at home this summer. Today we hosted Camp Birchmont here at the Realm in softball and soccer in both 13U and 15U. This after me personally calling the owner of Birchmont who I had to beg to send the 2 teams.  We have had so much trouble getting camps to accept our girl sports invitations. Now we can all see why…….

Robin Hood was an all-boys camp till 1986.  That year John and Joan Klein dreamed of a girl’s sports camp, a place where girls could come to learn sports on our 180 acre home. They wanted a  unique place for girls to get the best of both worlds. This summer that dream has paid off in dividends. We opened our 9th girl group the “Scouts” while continuing John and Joan’s dream.

Watching your daughters win 2 soccer games on penalty kicks while scoring 3 runs in the last inning to win the 13U softball game was amazing. In the 15U softball game, I felt like I was watching was  Michael Jordan win 6 championships.  I have seen them both happen and can’t explain the joy and excitement this morning brought to me.  John loved to watch sports and I remember him standing very quietly by the ball fields. I was not quiet today at all as I got little carried away with the emotions of the day.

Andy, Drew and John were all my camp directors during my 12 years as a camper and staff member. I have taken a little bit from all of their playbooks as I begin my journey as a director.

Yesterday I wrote my first ” Woody Says” at the waterfront – In Loving memory of John and Joan Klein…..I know like Andy they are watching over us with giant smiles and I hope we make them proud every day…

Sweet Dreams from the Realm – see you Friday

A Summer Update from The Realm

Things are rolling right along in the Realm as we head into the fourth week of the summer. This morning, our five youngest groups (the Scouts, Tumblers, TPJs, Jesters, and Squires) set out on their excursions. The Archers and Bows are not far behind them as they’ll be leaving tomorrow. Meanwhile, the rest of camp is enjoying the wide array of activities that Robin Hood has to offer, particularly the waterfront, which was alive with a Senior Camp beach party this afternoon.

The sport of the day today was volleyball. Forest Acres brought a 15 and under team over to compete against the Shires, who emerged victorious in a best of five matchups. Rest hour after lunch featured a must-see 2 on 2 matchups with Cate and Maggie Shanahan up against Elizabeth Charney and Valentina Scarduelli, our volleyball counselor. The Shanahan sisters ended up winning a tight battle with most of the camp watching intently.

The First Michelle Brockmann 3K Race also took place today before dinner. Archer Colton Stratman defended his previous victory by taking first place. Over 25 campers and staff completed the race in impressive time. Jonas’s Joggers are already looking forward to another 3K race in the future!

Sweet Dreams from The Realm