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Founder’s Day 2015

Camp’s a buzz with Green and White energy.  Campers are back from excursions and they know that color war can break at ANY minute!  We resumed regularly scheduled activities today with double canoe trips for the Squires and Quills, lots of team sports including softball, ultimate Frisbee and basketball, gaga tournaments, Danish long ball, and more.

Today is a special day in The Realm… it’s our founder’s birthday.  Andy Friedman is remembered and honored today at camp.  Tribute was paid all day in many ways.  Of course, we sang happy    birthday to Andy first thing this morning at breakfast.  Campers continued working on, and finishing, their Founder’s Day presents throughout the day.  Our Art and Woodshop teams have been working with our groups to gift camp with useful and memorable items.

Decked out in Robin Hoods, dinner began with a bang!  Literally, Chuck fired a cannon during flag lowering to get campers excited for the night.  As we began grace, our Saxons and Scribes came running through the dining hall, decked in Green and White.  The campers went crazy… was this the moment they’ve been waiting for?  Running and dancing through the dining hall, our oldest campers jumped on stage and chanted FAKE BREAK!  This was not it…

Group leaders and the “brass” served our camp family a delicious dinner of chicken kebabs, twice baked potatoes and corn on the cob.  Another stellar and delicious job by Yensi and his crew.  As dinner was ending, a storm warning was in effect.  Campers began to say that Green and White was breaking and that DC and Woody created the storm as a way to break color war!  This is how much they have Green and White on the brain.

We all headed up to the Chuck Illig Theater to celebrate and honor Andy and his band of merry men and women.  Tonight was a night to look back on the history of Camp Robin Hood and honor those milestone moments for campers and staff.  Gifts were presented to the camp and DC and Woody recognized campers and staff for different milestones.  Our first year campers receive a Robin Hood waterbottle.  DC mentioned the importance of this milestone in a camper’s life and how it often doesn’t get the attention it might deserve.  A first time camper, unsure of what Camp Robin Hood is truly about, has their life forever changed with one summer in The Realm.  That deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated.  We are so proud of those campers who have been given that recognition.  Our third year campers receive a Robin Hood banner and our fifth year campers receive a coveted five year shirt!  One of the biggest gifts of the night went to our 10 year campers and staff members.  10 years of commitment to this magical place and we are so happy that they continue to return home to The Realm year after year.

A HUGE shoutout to Steve Rupp, our Riflery Specialist, for his 25th year at Camp Robin Hood.  Steve is an integral part of the success at Robin Hood and is a model staff member.  He never asks for anything, is always on time, has what he needs, lets those who work under him, and the campers who come to his activity, shine above all else.  He is a true leader at Robin Hood and we look forward to many years ahead with him in our family.

Tonight we also recognized Chuck Illig’s 50th summer at Robin Hood.  He is the longest serving member in the history of Camp Robin Hood.  He embodies Camp Robin Hood and all that it stands for.  He loves the kids and the staff and has impacted thousands of campers and their families throughout the year.  He is humble and grateful and we are so lucky to have him in our lives.

A great night ended with all groups singing our goodnight song and bets on when Green and White would break…

Until tomorrow… Sweet Dreams from The Realm.

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