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The Gang’s Back Together!

After a week of campers traveling around the New England area it is so nice to have everyone back at camp.  Sunday began with our lazy breakfast.  Tumblers, Jesters, TPJs and Squires all sat at our Saxon and Scribe tables and led the campers who had rolled into breakfast, at their leisure, in songs and cheers.  What a sight to see… our youngest campers are naturals!

The day was absolutely gorgeous… hot, sunny and filled with games and activities.  With half of the camp still out on excursion until dinner, the rest of camp took advantage of having all of their favorite activities at their disposal.  Girls who are heading to Camp Robindel for their annual tennis tournament were on the courts, Friars took part in a serious game of softball at the Homerun Diamond.  All groups in camp were able to ski, tube, wakeboard, sail, canoe, kayak or paddle board.  It was just tons of fun throughout the day.

By dinner, our Bows, Archers, Quills, Yeomen, Saxons and Scribes had all returned with smiles on their faces from their amazing trips!  The dining hall was in full swing with Saxons and Scribes leading cheers, campers dancing on benches, evening activities being planned, and of course, SUNDAY SUNDAES!!!!!

Boys camp decided to have group evening activities, with groups playing Danish Long Ball on the quad, kickball and gaga tournaments, camper hunts and more.  Girls camp hosted a campfire on the beach where three of our Scribe campers gave their “Scribe Speeches.”  A taste of what’s to come at the end of the summer, these three girls stood up and spoke about what camp has meant to them and gave advice to those campers looking up to them and thanks to those who have helped them along their journey at Robin Hood.  It was beautiful moment.  Years at camp have given them the confidence to write and present these intimate feelings they have and it’s amazing to see them share it with future generations of Scribes.

Tomorrow is a BIG day in The Realm!  It’s Andy Friedman’s birthday… Founder’s Day.  We will celebrate Andy’s life and reflect on the legacy of Camp Robin Hood that he’s left us that each one of our campers and counselors are a part of.  Groups will present gifts to the camp in honor of him and we will be reminded how lucky we are to be a part of something so special.  As the Scribes of 2015 so perfectly stated in their song…

Keeping Andy’s dream alive
Best Friends from the start,
We’ll never part,
Our love won’t fade…

Sweet Dreams from The Realm

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