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Green and White Day 3

Greetings from the Realm!

Eliza, Samantha, Hannah, Marissa, and Jill here. We’re visiting judges at camp for Green and White. This is our favorite part of each summer and we feel fortunate to spend time with our favorite people in our favorite place.

Here are some highlights from our time here: counselors running alongside campers during the track meet to encourage them to finish strong, great sportsmanship at arrow gaga, and a competitive and fun swim meet. It’s been a great color war so far and we’re excited to see what days 4 and 5 bring.

Judges (former counselor captains) played volleyball, swam, and enjoyed every minute back in the Realm. Chuck and Jeremy calculated the total years we’ve spent at camp…. a total of 863 years! We’re looking forward to welcoming this year‘s counselor captains as judges at the end of color war!

Sweet dreams from the Realm

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