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Green and White Day 4

Greetings from the Realm!

Two Green and White judges, Jamie Levine and Marjorie Kozloff here. Day Four of Green and White concluded with an epic talent show. The campers showed off their creative skills tonight with thoroughly rehearsed dances, hilarious skits, and beautifully performed songs.

Earlier in the day, we judged the Friars in gaga. What was even more impressive than their intensity in the pit was their sportsmanship and ability to come together as one group in the end.

Judging these kids immediately brought us back to our war in 2016. We grew up in the same group, and after 11 years in the realm together, we became the best of friends. Going head to head in the most intensive five days of our lives wasn’t always easy, but we never lost sight of the bond we strengthened by going through it together.

We have watched the entire camp compete against their best friends for the last four days. They are learning that they can run beside their best friend fighting each other for the ball on the soccer field, and after the final whistle, walk back to their bunk arm in arm. Camp is a place where your biggest competitor is also your biggest fan.

Sweet Dreams from the Realm

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