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Meet the Brass at Camp Robin Hood – Chuck Illig

With more than 150 combined summers at camp our Leadership Team, affectionately called “The Brass” by campers, staff, and alumni, understands the unique responsibility of preserving the Robin Hood experience. In this series of blogs, you’ll meet each member of The Brass as they share some of their favorite memories of summers in the Realm.

Meet Chuck Illig, who has been at Camp Robin Hood for over 50 years! Chuck has the best stories, knows the most CRH history, and is the most quotable out of all of us. As Head Counselor he is an inspiration and guide for our leadership team, campers, and staff. Summer doesn’t start until Chuck greets the buses!

  • Name: Chuck Illig
  • Camp Nickname: Chuck
  • Years at Camp Robin Hood: I just finished my 53rd summer in 2018
  • Position at Robin Hood:  Head Counselor / Director of Operations
  • What’s Your Favorite Camp Memory: Every opening day, the moment when the buses pull in – there is just nothing like it.
  • Favorite place in the Realm: Can’t pinpoint one – just love being there.
  • Favorite Camp Song, Quote or Food: “Friends, Friends, Friends” as that is what camp is all about.
  • What does magic in the trees mean to you: Just like the trees – you come here, you grow, and camp grows on you.

The best quotes come from Chuck!

  • Advice to young campers: Try everything, stay all summer for the whole taste of camp – you will be glad you did.

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