Meet The Brass at Camp Robin Hood – Scott Rimer

With more than 150 combined summers at camp our Leadership Team, affectionately called “The Brass” by campers, staff, and alumni, understands the unique responsibility of preserving the Robin Hood experience. In this series of blogs, you’ll meet each member of The Brass as they share some of their favorite memories of summers in the Realm.

Meet Scott Rimer, who has been our Athletic Director for 3 years and has over 20 years of summer camp experience before joining us. Scott also has the task of coordinating all of our campers favorite out of camp trips and excursions each summer.

  • Name: Scott Rimer
  • Camp Nickname: Scotty
  • Years at Camp Robin Hood: I just completed my 3rd summer in 2018
  • Position at Robin Hood: Director of Athletics and out of camp trips
  • What’s Your Favorite Camp Memory: Obviously beating West End this year or anytime I get to go on an excursion with the Foresters of 2018
  • Favorite place in the Realm: The back porch of the office or the upper basketball court
  • Favorite Camp Song, Quote or Food: There is an “Andy Says” quote right outside my bunk on a set of steps. It reads, “Look forward, not backwards.” I look at it at least once a day and find that it means so much not only at camp, but also in life.
  • What does magic in the trees mean to you: It means that there is some force, some impetus, some dynamic energy that exists at Robin Hood, probably from all the happy people who came before, that drives people to be one. It drives people to be kind and loving. It drives people to be accepting and tolerant. It drives people to break out of their comfort zone and live free of all the implications of the world if only for seven weeks. The “magic” does not discriminate between boys and girls, between young and old, between Americans and foreigners, or between campers and staff. It is truly a feeling you get as soon as you pass under the front gate sign. Lucky for us it gets trapped by all the majestic trees that cover the campus.

    “Do not take anything for granted. Try it all. Learn from your failings and try again.” -Scott

  • Advice to young campers: Do not take anything for granted. Try it all. Learn from your failings and try again. Have no regrets when you make your Saxon/Scribe (your final summer as a camper) speeches. Then take all that this place has given you and give it back to your campers when you are on staff.

You can learn more about The Brass, the leadership team at Camp Robin Hood, here. If you’d like to learn more about summers in The Realm and enrolling your child contact us today!

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